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19 May 2006


Yesterday's Dinner with Keelyn at Takashimaya~

Bonus track~ =P Tonight's dinner at home!! Potato, carrot and mock ham all diced up and cooked in bake beans~ And also 小白菜, all on my bowl of brown rice~~~ =D

Haha~ Can tell how much I love my mum's cooking hor? My all time fave wor~ Kekeke... (^_^)v


tamm said...

teehee~ i like the fried springroll thingy!

i have the same esprit bag too, in black :)

deedee said...

tamm!! the fried springroll thingy is wrapped in beancurd skin instead of springroll dough skin... it's vegetarian!

i hv the same bag in black too! i bought both pink and black~ black for being so versatile and going with everything i wear, and pink for those days when i'm feeling sweet! kekeke... =P

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