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22 May 2006

Dining @ Sakae 2

Yesterday's dinner was at Dining @ Sakae, after watching Over The Hedge at PS with dear, his elder bro, his elder sis and her 2 adorable sons~

Dear's bro ate sashimi.

Dear loves miso soup a lot!!

Same as the last time I ate at Dining @ Sakae, I had agedashi tofu and yasai tempura.

Another of my staple... tamago inari.

Dear's sis ordered this... guess what's inside the pot?


I ordered ebi avocado temaki but gave deardear the ebi, and only remembered to take this pic after I've taken a bite. Haha~ And dear's bro shared edamame with me... yum!

Seafood chawanmushi came last cos need 30 minutes to steam... gave all my seafood to dear though. Too bad no plain chawanmushi at Dining @ Sakae.


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