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15 May 2006

Mother's Day at Grand Court

Before dinner at Grand Court with my parents and baby brother, I had these for lunch~

Steamy hot mock duck bun and curry potato bun... yumyum!! Keke~ I'm a very easily satisfied girl! (^_^)

It's Mother's Day today and it's the first time I gave my family a big big treat at Grand Court Vegetarian Restaurant, which is very near Somerset MRT.

Here's the sharksfin soup... just nice 4 servings in this little pot big bowl. =P

A closeup shot of the sharksfin soup. =D

Thai-style diced mock chicken. Appetizing~

Mushrooms with asparagus... delicious yet healthy!!

Vegetarian prawns fried in cereal~ uber crunchy and yummy!

The special menu today was quite limited and more costly. I didn't anticipate this because it's the first time I'm treating my family on Mother's Day... perhaps I shall bring my parents out a week before Father's Day instead of on the actual day itself to avoid such marketing gimmicks which is actually quite hurting for my wallet. =P

Pardon these 2 super crappy-looking pics cos taken right on the spot in front of the Beard Papa's stall at Takashimaya, where my baby bro and I bought and shared an eclair and a fondant chocolat~ Here's the eclair in my bro's hand; it's already bitten by my dear baby bro before I managed to get my camera ready... Haha~

And the fondant chocolat. I actually aimed the whole camera into the white paper bag to snap this shot! If I didn't say, who would have guessed what this is?! Hahaha~

My mum's complaining that I'm so fat still eat so much... wah lau!! It's my baby bro who's craving for these impromtu desserts one leh~ Hahaha... he really knows how to find good food. Today's my first time to Grand Court but he's already eaten there a few times before with his girlfriend already! And he's eaten at many other restaurants as well... restaurants where I haven't been to before!! Have to ask him intro me some nice places to eat liao... then I can post some new pics here. \(^_^)/


Bon Appetit said...

Oh~ gimme gimme gimme!
I wanna eat also...esp the mushroom, the thai style mock chicken and the yum yum cereal prawns!
Gimme gimme gimme!
In XLB mode..v hungry ah

deedee said...

*throws XLB at bon appetit!!!